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Ep154-William-Deresiewicz 0

Ep154 – William Deresiewicz

As a Professor at Yale, William Deresiewicz became concerned by what had happened to America’s education. More than anything, he found that rather than turning out leaders was turning out a bunch of mindless...

Ep153-Robert-Kaplan 0

Ep153 – Robert D. Kaplan

Robert D. Kaplan is the author of fifteen books on foreign policy and international affairs. He is Chief Geopolitical Analyst for Stratfor, a private intelligence firm. He is a non-resident senior fellow at the...

Ep152-Vanessa-Tyson 0

Ep152 – Vanessa Tyson Part 2

Vanessa Tyson is a Professor of Government at the Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA. In this second episode of our series of conversations with Vanessa, we discuss the role that education...

Ep151-Euny-Hong 0

Ep151 – Euny Hong

When Euny Hong moved to South Korea in 1985, it was by her own description not a wealthy country and yet now it’s one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. We...

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Ep53-Jonathan-Haidt 2

Ep53 – Jonathan Haidt

As a professor at the University of Virginia, Jonathan Haidt uses the scientific method to study human morality…which leads to asking people some pretty screwed up questions. Would it be wrong if a man...

ep92-skylar-stone 1

Ep92 – Skylar Stone

Bryan sits down with comedian, Skylar Stone. Stone has been seen on telelvision and in comedy clubs throughout the country. He has a monthly show at the Improv in Hollywood. Be sure to Rate...

Kurt Schwengel 5

Ep41 – Kurt Schwengel

Kurt Schwengel has been teaching Kindergarten for over 17 years at the Franklin elementary School in Santa Monica. Franklin school. This former D1 baseball player is considered the rock star of Kindergarten teachers and...

Ep121-Adam-Mansbach 0

Ep121 – Adam Mansbach

After trying to read his kid to sleep one night with little success, writer Adam Mansbach posted as a joke on his Facebook look out for my upcoming children’s book Go the Fuck to...