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Ep179-Dom-Irrera 0

Ep179 – Dom Irrera

This week, Bryan sits down alone with Hall of Fame stand-up comedian, Dom Irrera. Dom reminisced about Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison and performing in the great comedy 80’s.

Ep178-Ganesh-Sitaraman 0

Ep178 – Ganesh Sitaraman

As part of our continuing look at counter-insurgency and nation building, we speak with Ganesh Sitaraman, Assistant Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University, and author of The Counterinsurgent‘s Constitution: Law in the Age of...

Ep177-James-Tooley 0

Ep177 – James Tooley

In the early 1980s, James Tooley went to Zimbabwe to help support and build socialism by teaching under the then hopeful leadership of Robert Mugabe. Returning to England in the midst of the Thatcher...

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David Kwong 1

Ep47 – David Kwong

Hunter Maats sits in with Bryan Callen on this episode. Bryan interviews magician David Kwong. Called the “Illusionist for Intellectuals,” by the Wall Street Journal also known as Hollywood’s Favorite Trickster. A scholar of...

Ep150-Lewis-Dartnell 0

Ep150 – Lewis Dartnell

The world seems fascinated with the possibility of an apocalypse. Zombies, mutant viruses, a giant meteorite impact, alien invasions…the point is the same. If everything fell apart, how would we cope and would we...

Ep55-bob harris 0

Ep55 – Bob Harris

Imagine a bank that operates in 67 countries around the world, has one employee, has made thousands of loans with an average value of $25 a pop and is committed to never making a...

Ep15-Alana-Evans 2

Ep15 – Alana Evans

Featuring Alana Evans is one of those rare porn stars who’s been romping on film for over 15 years and still going strong. I went to her house in the valley to do this...