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Ep162-John-Nagl 0

Ep162 – John Nagl

After fighting in the first gulf war, John Nagl returned to the United States and took part in a simulated military exercise. As a tank commander, he had all the overwhelming firepower any soldier...

Ep161-Michael-Malice 0

Ep161 – Michael Malice

Michael Malice is has co-written books with MMA legend Matt Hughes, comedian DL Hughley and legendary rocker Brett Michaels but we brought him on to talk about the celebrity biography of one Kim Jong...

Ep160-Hannah-Lane 0

Ep160 – Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane describes herself as a human-centered designer and social entrepreneur. Basically that means she designs systems that help make the world a better place. While she began in the health space (specifically focusing...

Ep159-Vanessa-Tyson 0

Ep159 – Vanessa Tyson, Round 4

Vanessa Tyson is a Professor of Government at the Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA. In this fourth episode of our series of conversations with Vanessa, Bryan is hunting in the woods!...

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John Bloodclot 0

Ep7 – John “Bloodclot” Joseph

Featuring the lead singer for the Cro-Mags, John “Bloodclot” Joseph. Joseph was raised in foster care and grew up on the streets of New York. He was the lead singer for the New York...

Ep49-lara-setrakian 1

Ep49 – Lara Setrakian

As a reporter for ABC and Bloomberg Television, Lara Setrakian crisscrossed the Middle East reporting live as the Arab Spring spread throughout the region. Her first-hand experience of what was happening in the region...

Ep100-Dave-Asprey-Jimmy-Burke 1

Ep100 – Dave Asprey & Jimmy Burke

Bryan sits down with the founder of The Bullet Proof Executive, Dave Asprey. Long time friend, Jimmy Burke. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes.

Dave Asprey 0

Ep44 – Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, asks Why do I do this? Because I’m happier when I get to help people, and because it took nearly 20 years and $250k to learn how to do things that aren’t...