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Ep164-Scott-Bullock 0

Ep164 – Scott Bullock

The Institute for Justice has been described (by Hunter and probably others) as the libertarian ACLU. In this interview, Scott Bullock (who joined the Institute for Justice at its founding in 1991 and now...

Ep163-Adam-Grant 0

Ep163 – Adam Grant

In the wake of countless scandals at the highest corporate levels, it’s easy to think that the key to getting ahead in business is to be a taker, but actually it turns out that...

Ep162-John-Nagl 0

Ep162 – John Nagl

After fighting in the first gulf war, John Nagl returned to the United States and took part in a simulated military exercise. As a tank commander, he had all the overwhelming firepower any soldier...

Ep161-Michael-Malice 0

Ep161 – Michael Malice

Michael Malice is has co-written books with MMA legend Matt Hughes, comedian DL Hughley and legendary rocker Brett Michaels but we brought him on to talk about the celebrity biography of one Kim Jong...

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Ep110-Christian-Lander 2

Ep110 – Christian Lander

In January 2008, Christian Lander created a blog that gave a voice to people who already have way more than their fair share of a say in how the world is run. Stuff White...

Ep24-Christy Wampole 0

Ep24 – Christy Wampole

Featuring Christy Wampole, Assistant Professor of French and Italian at Princeton and author of “How to Live Without Irony,” a critically acclaimed article in the New York Times. Visit our “Books” page for recommendations....

Ep125-Robert-Greene 0

Ep125 – Robert Greene

In 1532, an Italian diplomat and political theorist named Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a book on how best to most effectively acquire and keep power. It was called The Prince. Machiavelli argued that for a...

Ep20-Hernando Chaves 0

Ep20 – Hernando Chaves

Featuring sex therapist, Dr. Hernando Chaves. They discuss sex as it pertains to men and women in relationships. The focus is on how to be a better lover in your relationships and – oh...