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Ep163-Adam-Grant 0

Ep163 – Adam Grant

In the wake of countless scandals at the highest corporate levels, it’s easy to think that the key to getting ahead in business is to be a taker, but actually it turns out that...

Ep162-John-Nagl 0

Ep162 – John Nagl

After fighting in the first gulf war, John Nagl returned to the United States and took part in a simulated military exercise. As a tank commander, he had all the overwhelming firepower any soldier...

Ep161-Michael-Malice 0

Ep161 – Michael Malice

Michael Malice is has co-written books with MMA legend Matt Hughes, comedian DL Hughley and legendary rocker Brett Michaels but we brought him on to talk about the celebrity biography of one Kim Jong...

Ep160-Hannah-Lane 0

Ep160 – Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane describes herself as a human-centered designer and social entrepreneur. Basically that means she designs systems that help make the world a better place. While she began in the health space (specifically focusing...

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Ep107-William-Bernstein 0

Ep109 – William Bernstein

Although William Bernstein has an MD and a PhD in Chemistry, he began his career in neuroscience before deciding to become a financial investor and an author of historical books. Safe to say, he’s...

Vincent LaBarbera 2

Ep35 – Vincent LaBarbera

Mr. LaBarbera has been awarded Martindale-Hubbell’s highest A.V. rating. As a federal and state criminal defense attorney, Mr. LaBarbera has argued over two hundred trials and appeals. He has litigated over 4,500 cases, including...

Ep144-Dr-Wendy-Chen 3

Ep144 – Dr. Wendy Chen

Dr. Wendy Chen is an assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an oncologist affiliated with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Initially, we contacted Dr. Chen because we’d...

Ep27-John-Leguizamo 2

Ep27 – John Leguizamo

Show producer, Mike Casentini and Bryan, close out the year by reviewing some of the past episodes as well as discussing the future of the show. As an added bonus, we’ve attached a short...