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Ep178-Ganesh-Sitaraman 0

Ep178 – Ganesh Sitaraman

As part of our continuing look at counter-insurgency and nation building, we speak with Ganesh Sitaraman, Assistant Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University, and author of The Counterinsurgent‘s Constitution: Law in the Age of...

Ep177-James-Tooley 0

Ep177 – James Tooley

In the early 1980s, James Tooley went to Zimbabwe to help support and build socialism by teaching under the then hopeful leadership of Robert Mugabe. Returning to England in the midst of the Thatcher...

Ep175-Jonah-Berger 1

Ep175 – Jonah Berger

If there’s one thing we’d like to figure out at The Bryan Callen Show, it’s how to get good ideas to spread. Fortunately, Jonah Berger has those answers. While it often seems like things...

Ep174-Stephen-Kotkin 0

Ep174 – Stephen Kotkin

When Professor Stephen Kotkin set out to write a biography of Stalin, he faced a series of challenges. Perhaps first and foremost, people already thought they knew who Stalin was. The world’s view of...

Ep173-Pasi-Sahlberg 0

Ep173 – Pasi Sahlberg

Throughout the 2000s, Finland emerged as the country with the best performing educational system in the world. It did so by defying much of the educational conventional wisdom. While the Global Educational Reform Movement...

Ep172-Paul-Kindstedt 0

Ep172 – Paul Kindstedt

During a cheese tasting class at Murray’s, Hunter heard the teacher say that “Cheese and Culture” was the best book on cheese in the world. Instantly, we knew we had to get its author...

Ep171-Werner-Sollors 0

Ep171 – Werner Sollors

In the wake of World War II, as the world discovered the full extent of the atrocities committed by the NAZIs, the German people struggled to make sense of their place in the world....

Ep170-Vanessa-Tyson 0

Ep170 – Vanessa Tyson, Part 5

Vanessa Tyson is a Professor of Government at the Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA. In this fifth episode of our series of conversations with Vanessa, Bryan is missing again. So, Hunter...

Ep169-Mother-Of-All-Podcasts 4

Ep169 – The Mother of All Podcasts

In this interview, Bryan and Hunter draw together the lessons they’ve learned over their most recent podcasts. For more on Robert McNamara, you might enjoy this article: