Ep102-John-Gurche 1

Ep102 – John Gurche

When Steven Spielberg was looking for a dinosaur expert for Jurassic park, he chose John Gurche. Steven Spielberg kind of gets to pick whoever he wants, so that’s a pretty good sign that John...

Ep101-Andrew-Lih 0

Ep101 – Andrew Lih

Perhaps nothing demonstrates the power of the internet and thereby the power of a democratic approach to problem solving like Wikipedia. In The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created The World’s Greatest...

Ep100-Dave-Asprey-Jimmy-Burke 1

Ep100 – Dave Asprey & Jimmy Burke

Bryan sits down with the founder of The Bullet Proof Executive, Dave Asprey. Long time friend, Jimmy Burke. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes.

Ep99-Seal-Team-6 3

Ep99 – Seal Team 6

Bryan has a very exclusive conversation with one of America’s finest military veterans and a former member of Seal Team 6. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes.

Ep98-Chad-Kultgen 1

Ep98 – Chad Kultgen

Bryan sits down with author, producer and actor, Chad Kultgen. He is a controversial author notable for publishing several novels on the sexual relationships of Americans. He has published opinion pieces on the Huffington...

Ep97-Steve-Strogatz 2

Ep97 – Steven Strogatz

Steven Strogatz has a really impressive resumé. Besides being a professor at Cornell, he also has the sixth most highly cited paper in all of physics and his 1998 paper “Collective dynamics of small-world...

Jared Diamond 4

Ep96 – Jared Diamond

More than any other, the book we mention most on this podcast is Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. It’s a tremendous honor to have the man himself on the podcast today. In...

Lawrence Krauss 5

Ep95 – Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss is the only physicist to have received awards from all three major American physics societies. In addition to his work as a theoretical physicist and cosmologist where he has authored or co-authored...

Ep94-Sarah-Tiana 1

Ep94 – Sarah Tiana

Bryan and Hunter sit down with comedian, Sarah Tiana. They talk about their lives in comedy as well as comedians in relationships and much more. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes.

Charles Duhigg 1

Ep93 – Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a writer for the business section of The New York Times. He’s clearly pretty good at it, because he won a Pulitzer Prize in 2013 for a series of ten articles...

ep92-skylar-stone 1

Ep92 – Skylar Stone

Bryan sits down with comedian, Skylar Stone. Stone has been seen on telelvision and in comedy clubs throughout the country. He has a monthly show at the Improv in Hollywood. Be sure to Rate...

Russell-Foster 0

Ep91 – Russell Foster

Along with his colleagues Professor Russell Foster broke the conventional wisdom and discovered a light-sensitive cell inside the eye that had nothing to do with vision. Although much of the scientific community was originally...

Michael Callen 10

Ep90 – Michael Callen

Back by popular demand, Bryan sits down with his dad, Michael Callen. They talk about a variety of different things, from professional schooling and the changes they are encountering, as well as the differences...

Ep89-chris-bell 3

Ep89 – Chris Bell

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road...