Michael Callen 4

Ep67 – Michael Callen

“Big Mike” Callen, aka Bryan’s dad, brings his many years of experience in banking and foreign policy to to a discussion of the government shutdown and the state of Washington today.

Ep67-Tom Segura 0

Ep66 – Tom Segura

Bryan Callen sits down with comedian and podcaster, Tom Segura. They talk about stand-up comedy and much more. Also, be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes. http://tomsegura.com/

Timothy Snyder 1

Ep65 – Tim Snyder, Michael Callen

In a very special episode of The Bryan Callen Show, Mike Callen joins Bryan and Hunter in interviewing the authors of one of his very favorite books: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. Detailing...

Ep64-Jon Lovitz 0

Ep64 – Jon Lovitz

Bryan and Hunter sit down with comedian and SNL Alumni, Jon Lovitz. They discuss their experiences doing comedy and sketch shows. Jon spoke about his personal experience coming up as a comedian as well...

Sarah Rose 0

Ep63 – Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose is the author of For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History. At the beginning of the 19th century, China had a global monopoly...

Ep62-Bret Ernst 0

Ep62 – Bret Ernst

Bryan sits down with good friend and comedian, Bret Ernst. They discuss comedy, acting, entertainment, sports and Bret marriage plans. This is our first installment of comedy Thursdays. Be sure to check us out...

Ep61-Karen Karbo 0

Ep61 – Karen Karbo

The New York Times called Karen Karbo “a very funny writer” something that becomes abundantly clear in her wit-filled Kick-Ass Women series of books. Examining the lives of women who lived life on their...

Ep60-Kim Dower 0

Ep60 – Kim Dower

Kim Dower is fast becoming acclaimed in the poetry world for her humor and “turns.” The Los Angeles Times described her first collection Air Kissing on Mars as, “sensual and evocative lyrical snapshots of...

Ep59-Joshua Foer 0

Ep59 – Joshua Foer

In 2006, Josh Foer became the U.S.A. Memory Champion and yet he insists his memory is totally average…and so do other memory champions like Ben Pridmore. In fact, as Foer recounts in his New...

Ep58-Daniel Robinson 0

Ep58 – Dan Robinson

Daniel N. Robinson is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Georgetown University and a Fellow of the Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University. According to Bryan, he’s also probably the smartest man alive. Beginning his...

Ep57-Larry-Flynt 0

Ep57 – Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt is America’s most controversial and perhaps most effective living defender of the First Amendment. However, by his own admission, Larry Flynt did not set out to defend the Bill of Rights. He...

Matt Ridley 0

Ep56 – Matt Ridley

Listening to the news or hyperlinking our way through blog posts, it might seem like the end is nigh. Whether the coming crisis is environmental, economic or some intoxicating mix of the two, the...

Ep55-bob harris 0

Ep55 – Bob Harris

Imagine a bank that operates in 67 countries around the world, has one employee, has made thousands of loans with an average value of $25 a pop and is committed to never making a...

Ep54-Ricard Miles 0

Ep54 – Richard Miles

For over 120 years and across three separate wars, Rome and Carthage battled for control of the Mediterranean in a no-holds barred conflict that would see Hannibal march his elephants across the Alps, terrorize...