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Ep92 – Skylar Stone

Bryan sits down with comedian, Skylar Stone. Stone has been seen on telelvision and in comedy clubs throughout the country. He has a monthly show at the Improv in Hollywood. Be sure to Rate...

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Ep91 – Russell Foster

Along with his colleagues Professor Russell Foster broke the conventional wisdom and discovered a light-sensitive cell inside the eye that had nothing to do with vision. Although much of the scientific community was originally...

Michael Callen 10

Ep90 – Michael Callen

Back by popular demand, Bryan sits down with his dad, Michael Callen. They talk about a variety of different things, from professional schooling and the changes they are encountering, as well as the differences...

Ep89-chris-bell 3

Ep89 – Chris Bell

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road...

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Ep88 – Dov Davidoff

It’s the Bryan Callen Christmas Special. Bryan sits down with actor, comedian and good friend, Dov Davidoff. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes.

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Ep87 – Daniel Coyle

Daniel Coyle kept hearing about places all over world where talent flourished. They weren’t necessarily well-funded. They weren’t necessarily in big cities. In fact, quite often, these talent hot spots looked run down and...

Ep86-Jessimae Peluso 0

Ep86 – Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso is “a bottle rocket with a pulse,” headed in only the expected, upward trajectory of a firecracker, and ready to explode. The self-proclaimed “insecure narcissist” has founded a solid comic reputation in...

Ep85-Steve Ujifusa 0

Ep85 – Steve Ujifusa

Growing up in the age of the great transatlantic liner, William Francis Gibbs had only one dream: to build the world’s greatest ship. In that age, nations competed to build the largest, most luxurious...

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Ep84 – Don Barris

Don’s has an unique brand of comedy unlike most other comics and that makes him the clubs perfect closing act every night. Don was the co-creater/star of the cult classic film, “Windy City Heat”,...

Jack OBrien 6

Ep83 – Jack O’Brien (Cracked.com)

For decades your teachers, authority figures and textbooks have been lying to you. You do not have five senses. Your tongue doesn’t have neatly segregated taste-bud zones. You don’t know what the pyramids really...

Ep82-Jay larson 1

Ep82 – Jay Larson

Bryan sits down with comedian, Jay Larson. They discuss a variety of topics. With appearances on TOSH.0, The Late Late show, The Smoking Gun Presents, Conan and his own half hour special on Comedy...

Ep81-Tim-Ferriss 10

Ep81 – Tim Ferriss

By 2004, Tim Ferriss was running an online brain and body supplements company that was grossing $40,000 a month. He was his own boss. He was making a lot of money. Things seemed good...

Steven Rinella & Joe Rogan 5

Ep80 – Joe Rogan & Steven Rinella

Bryan sits down with comedian, UFC Commentator, and Podcaster of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” good friend, Joe Rogan. They discuss their personal hunting experiences and as a added bonus, Master Hunter Steven Rinella.

David Grann 1

Ep79 – David Grann

“Grann himself inspires a devotion in readers that can border on the obsessive,” writes a Slate journalist describing the work of New Yorker reporter David Grann. We can understand why. Grann’s work is obsessively...